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  Taking Time to Text   •  Sherry Kleinman view larger image

Taking Time to Text

We all take time out of each day to text. It is uncommon to see people NOT texting. It is the new normal.
Our postures have changed as has our communications with each other. This piece records portraits of both family and strangers texting, each taking time to text where ever they might be.

My line drawings of people texting originated with photos I took with my iPhone of people around me.  Using drawing apps on my iPad, I interpreted the photos into black and white drawings that I then printed onto fabric with my home printer. They are both machine and hand stitched.   

Images drawn on iPad app from photos taken with iPhone, then printed onto fabric, machine and and hand stitching.   

24  x  54, Photo Credit: Steven Kleinman   

$ 1,200.00

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