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Alison Schwabe Ebb & Flow 8   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Amalia Morusiewicz Tempus Machinus   Text Messages NFS 
Amelia Leigh Elizabethan 2   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Barbara Lange New Technology - Old Problems   Text Messages $1,000.00 
Beatrice Lanter Light Comes from Inside   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Beth and Trevor Reid Moody Blues   Upcycle $5,000.00 
Betty Busby Corrosion   Redirecting the Ordinary $2,000.00 
Bonnie Askowitz The Sun Set over Blackwater Sound   My Corner of the World $2,000.00 
Bonnie J. Smith Upward and Onward   Celebrating Silver $1,800.00 
Bouree Michael James   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Carol Ann Grotrian Lacrimosa . . . Gloriae   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Carolyn Skei Alcove   My Corner of the World $1,400.00 
Catherine A. Drummond Displaced   Forced to Flee $850.00 
Cher Cartwright And the Living is Easy   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Daren Redman Silver Legacy   Celebrating Silver $3,800.00 
Denise Linet Mixed Messages # 2   Text Messages $2,400.00 
Diane Bird A Mine is Forever   Celebrating Silver $2,800.00 
Diane Melms Jubilo   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Diane Skidmore HOPE is the Thing with Feathers...   Text Messages NFS 
Donna Brennan Bay City Balconies   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Elizabeth Barton Warm Light   Modern Inspirations $1,995.00 
Etsuko Takahashi Waves #4   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Georgia Heller Life on the Trail:Brown`s Ranch   My Corner of the World $3,500.00 
Harue Konishi SYO #67   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Jan Frazer Patchwork Fan-Tasy   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Jan Myers-Newbury Night Swarm   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Janet Steadman Flight Plan   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Jean Sredl Oats   Redirecting the Ordinary $1,200.00 
Jeannie Moore Silver Cake   Celebrating Silver $1,500.00 
Jenny Bowker Hassan and the Glass   People and Portraits $10,000.00 
Jenny Bowker Ittayer and the Friday Market in the City of the Dead   People and Portraits $16,000.00 
Jill Ault Word Play   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Joan Reive Lake Vistas #2   My Corner of the World $2,500.00 
Joan Schulze Where Dreams are Born   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Judith Plotner Aftermath   Text Messages $3,000.00 
Judith Trager Butterfly Maiden   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Judy Kirpich Anxiety No. 6   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Judy Langille Silver Forms   Celebrating Silver $3,000.00 
Karol Kusmaul Cruising   Redirecting the Ordinary $1,250.00 
Kathleen McCabe Jubilations   Celebrating Silver $4,750.00 
Kathy Nida Fully Medicated   People and Portraits $2,800.00 
Linda Colsh Nepenthe   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Lisette Léveillé Lost in Translation   Text Messages $1,250.00 
Lora Rocke In Her Sisters' Shadow   People and Portraits $1,500.00 
Madeleine Bajracharya Shadows   Redirecting the Ordinary $950.00 
Marcia DeCamp Jet Trails #8   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Margaret Abramshe Sound of Water   H2Oh! $1,500.00 
Margaret L. Abramshe Roadmap   Forced to Flee $500.00 
Margene Gloria May Ten After Five   People and Portraits $2,250.00 
Margene Gloria May Waiting   People and Portraits $2,500.00 
Margot Lovinger Night   People and Portraits $2,000.00 
Maria Shell Tribe   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Marianne R. Williamson Silver Abstractions   Celebrating Silver $5,000.00 
Marina Kamenskaya Edge 6   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Mary Pal Homeless Love   People and Portraits $2,500.00 
Michael James Crosscurrent III   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Misik Kim The Years Lost   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Nancy Crow Study #11   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Nancy Whittington Seasons Quilt   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Pam RuBert Towers of Babble   People and Portraits $8,470.00 
Pat Kroth Garden Stampede   Redirecting the Ordinary $1,850.00 
Peggy Fetterhoff Night and Day   Redirecting the Ordinary $1,250.00 
Ruth Garrison Fire at Evening   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Salli McQuaid X-scape (CI-127)   Text Messages $1,025.00 
Sally Hutson Reading Matter   Redirecting the Ordinary $1,200.00 
Sandra Palmer Ciolino Precaria #4: Kinetics   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Sandra Sider Bottoms Up!   Redirecting the Ordinary $4,600.00 
Sherry Kleinman Taking Time to Text   Text Messages $1,200.00 
Silver Birch Grove Sandra Poteet   Celebrating Silver $4,000.00 
Sonia Bardella Party Dreams   People and Portraits NFS 
Susan Shie Rille: Queen of Wooden Spoons in the Kitchen Tarot   Text Messages NFS 
Susie Monday Stop Fear (Homage to Sister Corita Kent)   Text Messages $750.00 
Sylvia Weir Quick Silver   Celebrating Silver $500.00 
VALYA Apron.03   Metaphors on Aging $2,500.00 
VALYA He Knew That She Knew That I Know   Earth Stories $20,000.00 
Valya Titanium   Radical Elements NFS 
Viola Burley Leak Addressing Hair   People and Portraits $15,000.00 
Yvonne Porcella Razzle Dazzle   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Holley Junker (d.) Flowerseed Farm   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Jean Ray Laury (d.) Listen to Your Mother   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Yvonne Porcella (d.) Come Again Kabuki   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Elizabeth A. Abbott Spirit Rising   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Margaret Abramshe Everyday   Guns: Loaded Conversations $1,500.00 
Margaret Abramshe Pallbearer   Turmoil $1,500.00 
Margaret Abramshe Stranger in a Strange Land   Stories of Migration $0.00 
B. J. Adams Connecting   Stories of Migration $0.00 
B. J. Adams Outline on Asphalt   Guns: Loaded Conversations $4,500.00 
B.J. Adams Cadmium   Radical Elements $2,750.00 
BJ Adams Traveling From Dawn to Dusk   Layered & Stitched $5,000.00 
Deidre Adams Returning to the Source   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Deidre Adams Returning to the Source   Seasonal Palette $4,500.00 
Naomi Adams Threads   Text Messages $1,200.00 
Naomi S. Adams Cenchrus enchinatus   Concrete & Grassland $1,500.00 
Ruthann Adams In Awe   Connecting our Natural Worlds NFS 
Natalya Aikens City Love Affair 2   Concrete & Grassland $3,300.00 
Marilyn Akerson-Corbitt unseen imaging of aging   Metaphors on Aging $3,500.00 
Joanne Alberda Blue Burn   Layered Voices $3,000.00 
Joanne Alberda Tales from a Shingled Roof   Layered Voices $2,500.00 
Frances Holliday Alford Flowers of the Vine   Tranquility NFS 
Katherine K. Allen Minnow & Leaf   Seasonal Palette $3,000.00 
Holly S. Altman The Flames They Left Behind   Turmoil NFS 
Linda Anderson Timeless Beauty   My Corner of the World $3,000.00 
Britta Ankenbauer Il y a des idées pour un peu de soleil   Earth Stories $14,500.00 
Colleen S Ansbaugh 2 Pods   Connecting our Natural Worlds $2,100.00 
Susie L. Apte Come August, Waterlilies   Seasonal Palette $5,995.00 
Marialuisa Sponga Archi On a Fluorescent Night   Radical Elements $1,800.00 
Brooke A. Atherton Orange/Red and Fugitive Blue VI   Radical Elements $995.00 
Brooke Atherton Palimpsest   Earth Stories NFS 
Geneviève Attinger Fleur de Soufre   Radical Elements $2,100.00 
Genevieve Attinger Missing Migrants   Forced to Flee $2,250.00 
Jill Ault Silver Flash   Celebrating Silver $3,500.00 
Susan Avishai She Shows You Where to Look Among the Garbage and the Flowers (white)   Upcycle $1,650.00 
Lys Axelson Beneath the Surface   3D Expression $9,000.00 
Els van Baarle Circle   3D Expression $1,600.00 
Els van Baarle Letters from a Friend II   Abstract & Geometric NFS 
Els van Baarle Zeeland   H2Oh! $1,200.00 
Kathleen Bagioni the Gyre   Upcycle $900.00 
Diana M. Bailey Fragmenting Circles   Metamorphosis NFS 
Karen Balos March-on Trayvon   Guns: Loaded Conversations $2,000.00 
Karen M Balos Thank You Holly   Upcycle $3,000.00 
Karen M Balos Transparent Self   3D Expression $1,500.00 
Karen M. Balos Disheveled Love   Turmoil $4,000.00 
Nancy Bardach Ad Infinitum   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Nancy Bardach Food for Thought (an Ode to Joy)   Season after Season $2,000.00 
Nancy Bardach The Body Electric   Metamorphosis $3,000.00 
Sonia Bardella Thank You For the Flowers   People and Portraits $4,000.00 
Beth Barron Implosion 4   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Elizabeth Barton Warm Light   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Elizabeth Barton Electric Fields   Concrete & Grassland $2,400.00 
Bobbi Baugh Dance of the Survivors   Redirecting the Ordinary $1,600.00 
Bobbi R. Baugh How Can We Sing In a Strange Land?   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Elizabeth A. Baum Sine Qua Non   Radical Elements $800.00 
Alice Beasley Blood Line   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Alice Beasley No Vote, No Voice   Layered & Stitched $7,000.00 
Alice Beasley Remembering Trayvon   Guns: Loaded Conversations $5,000.00 
Helen Beaven Caveman Txts   Text Messages $450.00 
Helen Beaven Knit One, Paint One   Redirecting the Ordinary $550.00 
Robert H. Bein Boat Travelers   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Caroline Bell Scroll of the Common Thread   3D Expression $500.00 
Louise E. Bell Childhood Seasons   Season after Season $1,400.00 
Jeannie Bench Hunted   3D Expression NFS 
Sue Benner Cellular Structure III   Abstract & Geometric $10,000.00 
Regina Benson A River Ran Here   H2Oh! $6,800.00 
Regina Benson Core Sample   Layered Voices $8,600.00 
Regina Benson Underwater   Textile Posters $2,800.00 
Regina V. Benson Alternative Future   Earth Stories $12,350.00 
Regina V. Benson We Can See It Now   Radical Elements $4,800.00 
Meghan W. Betts Infinite Possiblity   Tranquility NFS 
Maria Billings Protected Finch   Connecting our Natural Worlds $3,200.00 
Charlotte Bird Dulce et Decorum Est   Guns: Loaded Conversations $3,600.00 
Charlotte Bird Goodbye My Village   Forced to Flee $3,600.00 
Charlotte S. Bird Sedna`s Tears   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Diane K. Bird 137 Bullets   Guns: Loaded Conversations $2,900.00 
Margaret Blank Incarnation to Resurrection: Colours of the Church Year   Season after Season $1,000.00 
Peggy Blei-Hracho Home: noun, A Place Where Something Flourishes   My Corner of the World $1,200.00 
Diane Born Slow Death by Alzheimer`s   Turmoil $1,400.00 
Sara Bradshaw Ties That Bind   Upcycle $1,000.00 
Sandra Branjord Still I Rise   Celebrating Silver $1,900.00 
Sandra L. Branjord Breathing On Your Own #5 Roses for Sandy series   Turmoil NFS 
Donna Brennan NYC Subway   Concrete & Grassland NFS 
Marge S. Bresel Bug Eaters   Metamorphosis $500.00 
Melani Brewer NEVERMORE   Forced to Flee $2,670.00 
Tina Willams Brewer Circle Back   Tranquility $3,500.00 
Jane B. Broaddus Last Days Here   Metaphors on Aging $1,275.00 
Christina Brown View from Horseback of Rowena Crest   3D Expression $1,200.00 
Kathy Brown `Are We Too Late?` Bird Series #3, The Mallee Emu-wren   Concrete & Grassland NFS 
Kathy L. Brown Growing Pains   Metamorphosis NFS 
Peggy Brown Quite Quiet   Layered Voices $3,900.00 
Peggy Brown Reflections Reflecting   Celebrating Silver $3,500.00 
Peggy Brown Shades of Italy III-Day Lily   My Corner of the World $3,000.00 
Peggy Brown Text and Textures of Tuscany   Text Messages $2,050.00 
Wendi Bucey Always Winter   Season after Season $2,000.00 
Laurie Bucher Planet Earth   Upcycle $1,200.00 
Sharon Buck Tribute to Selena and Other Victims of Gun Violence   Guns: Loaded Conversations $995.00 
Sharon Buck Winter In My Ordinary Florida Garden   Redirecting the Ordinary $1,500.00 
Bonnie Bucknam Willow Wood   My Corner of the World $750.00 
Kelly Burke Quilted Reimagined American Flag Series III: Don't Lives Matter?   Guns: Loaded Conversations $2,500.00 
Pamela S. Burns Scorched Earth   Forced to Flee $950.00 
Betty Busby Down the Garden Path   Upcycle $3,000.00 
Betty Busby Ginger Jar   3D Expression $4,500.00 
Betty Busby Horizon   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Betty Busby I Will Not Be Silenced   Textile Posters $1,500.00 
Betty Busby Mourning Doves   Forced to Flee $4,500.00 
Betty Busby Multicellular   Layered Voices $3,500.00 
Betty Busby Polar Vortex   Season after Season $4,500.00 
Betty Busby Regeneration   Layered & Stitched $3,500.00 
Elizabeth Busch Dance with Me   Celebrating Silver $4,950.00 
Elizabeth Busch Winter   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Dorothy Caldwell Fjord   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
JoAnn Camp Still Standing   Concrete & Grassland $2,000.00 
Benedicte Caneill Autumn Celebration   Seasonal Palette $8,500.00 
Carol Capozzoli A Cancerous Turmoil   Turmoil $2,200.00 
Lucy Carroll Work Ready   Redirecting the Ordinary $6,800.00 
Erika Carter Cradle   My Corner of the World $0.00 
Erika Carter Ponderings IV   Tranquility $4,000.00 
Erika Carter Ponderings V   H2Oh! $4,000.00 
Erika Carter Quixotic   Dusk to Dawn $3,500.00 
Sharon Casey The Country   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Leonie Castelino Dance in Blue & Copper   3D Expression NFS 
Maya Chaimovich A Source Of Life In The Dead Sea   Earth Stories NFS 
Maya Chaimovich A Window Into Spaces   Tranquility $4,950.00 
Maya Chaimovich Fervor   Seasonal Palette NFS 
Maya Chaimovich Hidden Line   My Corner of the World $2,640.00 
Maya Chaimovich The World is Dressed in Red   Dusk to Dawn NFS 
Maya Chaimovich Wild Tulip   Connecting our Natural Worlds $8,290.00 
Sandra Champion Buttongrass Creek: Winter Walk   Tranquility NFS 
Sandra Champion Sea Wall Secheron Bay #2   Metamorphosis NFS 
Cynthia St Charles Silver Hills   Celebrating Silver $2,500.00 
Cynthia St. Charles Alternative Energy -vs- Fossil Fuels #6   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Cynthia St. Charles Alternative vs Fossil Fuels   Earth Stories $7,000.00 
Cynthia St. Charles Evening Walk II   Metaphors on Aging $2,000.00 
Cynthia St. Charles Zinc   Radical Elements $1,000.00 
Harriet Cherry Cheney Pogrom   Forced to Flee $3,600.00 
Janice Chiaffredo Final Frenzy   Upcycle $0.00 
Shin-hee Chin Everything is Beautiful in Her Time   Season after Season NFS 
Shin-hee Chin Grace   Upcycle $6,000.00 
Shin-hee Chin Moonlight   Dusk to Dawn $8,000.00 
Anna M. Chupa Pieces, Petals, Leaves and Eaves: Bala Cynwyd   Metamorphosis $2,400.00 
Silke Cliatt Transition   Upcycle $300.00 
Georgie Cline Olentangy 2   Concrete & Grassland NFS 
Jette Clover In Other Words   Layered Voices $3,000.00 
Jette Clover River View   Tranquility $1,800.00 
Jette Clover Winter Tale   Seasonal Palette $4,400.00 
Jane Burch Cochran Moonlight   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Holly L Cole Vanishing Sanctuary   Connecting our Natural Worlds $2,000.00 
Marion Coleman Tender Gardens   Earth Stories $12,000.00 
Maryte Collard Lust for Life   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Sharon C. Collins In Search of the Bright Spots   Metaphors on Aging $800.00 
Linda Colsh Cyphers   3D Expression $9,600.00 
Linda Colsh Defiant   Layered Voices $13,860.00 
Linda Colsh Future is in the Water   Dusk to Dawn $4,800.00 
Linda Colsh Journey   Layered & Stitched $5,000.00 
Linda Colsh Past Is Present   H2Oh! $4,800.00 
Linda Colsh Second Hand   Metaphors on Aging $3,000.00 
Linda Colsh Snow Falls   Seasonal Palette $7,500.00 
Linda Colsh The Sentinel   Tranquility $3,200.00 
Linda Colsh The Weather In Her Head   Turmoil $4,800.00 
Shannon Conley in nomine Patris   Text Messages $1,000.00 
Shannon Conley Mammals of Oklahoma   Textile Posters $950.00 
Vicki Conley Conflagration, Desolation, Rejuvenation, Jubilation #2   My Corner of the World $3,000.00 
Vicki Conley Flying Geese   Turmoil $1,200.00 
Vicki Conley Seasons of the Ancient Ones   Season after Season $3,000.00 
Judith Content Boroboro Suite   3D Expression $1,200.00 
Judith Content Indigo Ice   H2Oh! $15,000.00 
Judith Content La Briere   Layered & Stitched $13,000.00 
Carol Coohey Text Revolution Triptych: Resolve   Text Messages $1,430.00 
Nancy G. Cook Ground Fire Brings Light and Life   Earth Stories $7,500.00 
Nancy G. Cook Winter Robins' Feast   Seasonal Palette $4,500.00 
Sue Cortese Color Blocks I   Metamorphosis $1,000.00 
Nancy Crasco Didymo   H2Oh! $2,500.00 
Kate E Crossley Hunter Gatherer; Guardian   3D Expression $2,100.00 
Nancy Crow Study #11   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Phyllis Cullen Early tablet   Text Messages $7,600.00 
Phyllis Cullen Night Terror   Dusk to Dawn $4,500.00 
Millie Cumming Grand Artefacts   My Corner of the World $2,200.00 
Millie Cumming Summer Idyll, Waterlily Bay   My Corner of the World $1,900.00 
Gloria Daly Reclaim Reload Rejoice The Perfect Game 2 atlow 8   Guns: Loaded Conversations $12,900.00 
Gloria S. Daly Detained Denied Displaced   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Rosalind S. Daniels Skin Spots   Metamorphosis $5,000.00 
Anne H. Datko Time Stood Still   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Anne Daughtry Aleppo   Forced to Flee $2,000.00 
Anne Daughtry In the Shadows of Our Town   Dusk to Dawn $2,200.00 
Yael David-Cohen Mirrors 1   Upcycle $1,000.00 
Yael David-Cohen Whirlpool   Abstract & Geometric $5,000.00 
Fenella Davies X Marks the Spot   Layered Voices $4,500.00 
Jennifer Day Beginnings   Celebrating Silver $4,500.00 
Jennifer Day Cooking With the Sun   Earth Stories $9,500.00 
Jennifer Day Donald in Light   Tranquility NFS 
Jennifer Day New Mexico Schoolhouse   My Corner of the World $3,900.00 
Jennifer Day Tengo Hambre - I am Hungry   Forced to Flee $5,000.00 
Jennifer Day Tibetan Treasure   Layered & Stitched $3,500.00 
Donna Deaver Autumn Reflections   Connecting our Natural Worlds $2,000.00 
Donna Deaver Night Journeys   Dusk to Dawn $2,000.00 
Roslyn B. DeBoer Summertime   Seasonal Palette $4,200.00 
Cathy DeForest Using the Power of Art to Prevent Gun Violence   Guns: Loaded Conversations NFS 
Shannon M Dion Miriam`s Well   3D Expression NFS 
Gabriele DiTota Nostalgic Immediacy   Text Messages NFS 
Gabriele DiTota Will be the Next Day Better   Forced to Flee $1,500.00 
Giny Dixon Segments of my Past   3D Expression $2,000.00 
Katherine M Dombrowski Sky Islands   Connecting our Natural Worlds $3,500.00 
Eileen E. Donovan Hope For Tomorrow   Forced to Flee NFS 
Rachael Dorr Wedding Dress Study 2   Upcycle $0.00 
Chiaki Dosho Cherry Blossom 6   Seasonal Palette $4,000.00 
Chiaki Dosho Light & Dark   Metaphors on Aging $3,000.00 
Chiaki Dosho Light & Dark 11   H2Oh! $2,700.00 
Chiaki Dosho The Profound   Layered Voices $2,900.00 
Janis Doucette All`s One Under The Sun 2   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Heidi Drahota The Beautiful Appearance   Upcycle $1,100.00 
Judith Duffield Beneath the Surface   H2Oh! $1,000.00 
Jane E. Dunnewold Receptacles of Memory   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Joan Dyer Have a Cup   Redirecting the Ordinary $950.00 
Aileyn Renli Ecob The Grasslands Are Winning   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Chris Wolf Edmonds Cherokee Trail of Tears   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Elizabeth J Edwards Tributaries   Connecting our Natural Worlds $450.00 
Marjolein van der Eijk Collection Mapped   3D Expression $1,500.00 
Sylvia H. Einstein Pattern of Least Regret   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Maria Elkins Surrender   People and Portraits NFS 
Maria Elkins Windblown   People and Portraits $3,000.00 
Susan Else Cold Message   Radical Elements $1,200.00 
Susan Else Crossing Points   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Susan Else Family Life   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Susan Else Memory of Water   H2Oh! $2,500.00 
Noriko Endo Radiant Reflections   Layered & Stitched $12,000.00 
Noriko Endo Woodland   Earth Stories $12,000.00 
Suzan Engler Winter Silence   Tranquility $2,000.00 
Linda Engstrom Cobwebs IV   Layered Voices $550.00 
Linda Engstrom Spiraling Out of Control   Turmoil $1,325.00 
Sarah Entsminger Along the Path   Season after Season $1,800.00 
Sarah Entsminger Rough Water   Connecting our Natural Worlds $1,800.00 
Sarah Entsminger Summer at the Waterfront   Tranquility NFS 
Nancy Erickson The Purple Lynx   Layered & Stitched $2,500.00 
Grace J. Errea Family is Coming   Seasonal Palette $5,000.00 
Suzanne Evenson Alarming Negligence In Bloom   H2Oh! $1,500.00 
Suzanne Evenson Ordinary Moments   Redirecting the Ordinary $750.00 
Margaret Fabrizio Silver Eruption   Celebrating Silver $2,000.00 
Ree Fagan My Favorite Text Messages   Text Messages NFS 
Diana D. Ferguson Biography 2009   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Cheryl Dineen Ferrin Motorcyclist Portrait Project: Kari and Jim   People and Portraits $6,000.00 
Cheryl Dineen Ferrin Motorcyclist Portrait Project: Kevin   People and Portraits $4,000.00 
Robin Laws Field I Am Still a Work in Progress   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Linda Filby-Fisher Coming: A Telling Series   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Linda K. Filby-Fisher Quiet Grace - Celebration of Life Series   Metaphors on Aging $3,385.00 
Dianne Firth Bogong   3D Expression $5,000.00 
Dianne Firth Cross Currents #4   Layered Voices $3,500.00 
Dianne Firth Flow #3   H2Oh! $3,600.00 
Dianne Firth Rolling Hills   My Corner of the World $2,000.00 
Dianne Firth Silicon   Radical Elements $4,000.00 
Dianne Firth Trundling Orbs   Dusk to Dawn $2,000.00 
Kristin La Flamme Death Shroud for Democracy   Layered Voices $3,200.00 
Kristin La Flamme Half Light Medallion   Dusk to Dawn $1,000.00 
Kristin La Flamme Home Is Where The Army Sends Us   Layered & Stitched $3,500.00 
Kristin La Flamme Home is Where the Army Sends Us   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Laura Fogg Contaminated   Connecting our Natural Worlds $2,600.00 
Sheila Frampton-Cooper Arianrhod-Goddess of the Silver Wheel   Celebrating Silver $12,000.00 
Sheila Frampton-Cooper The Beach   Abstract & Geometric NFS 
Mary Beth Frezon Verge   Seasonal Palette $4,000.00 
Leslie Gabrielse Star   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Anita M Payne De Gaia Earth: Our Home Planet   3D Expression NFS 
Bodil Gardner Mother Earth   Upcycle $1,000.00 
Bodil Gardner My childhood country   My Corner of the World $600.00 
Bodil Gardner Two mothers, two daughters and a dog   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Bodil Gardner Walking the Dog   People and Portraits $2,400.00 
Bodil Gardner Winter Blues in Denmark   Season after Season $1,500.00 
Bethany Garner Turning Point   My Corner of the World $1,200.00 
Jayne B Gaskins Spiraling Currents of Golden Light   3D Expression $2,500.00 
Helen Geglio Boro Shape Shifting 1   Metamorphosis $1,000.00 
Cheryl Gerhart Bundles   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Dorothy Gerring Secret Garden   3D Expression NFS 
Mita Giacomini August   My Corner of the World $2,500.00 
Mita Giacomini Aurora   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Monique Gilbert Post-it   Text Messages $400.00 
Monique Gilbert-Oversteyns Curriculum Vitae 1   Metaphors on Aging $400.00 
Monique Gilbert-Oversteyns Curriculum Vitae 2   Metaphors on Aging $400.00 
Carol Goddu Serenade   People and Portraits NFS 
Carol Goddu Soiree   People and Portraits NFS 
Alisa Golden Hand Gun   Guns: Loaded Conversations $2,200.00 
Olga Gonzalez-Angulo Sa Conca   H2Oh! NFS 
Valerie Goodwin African Burial Ground II   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Patricia Gould Morning Glory Pool   Connecting our Natural Worlds $3,600.00 
Lynne Goulette Central Park   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Terry Grant Camas Prairie, Idaho   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Terry Grant The Cloth Remembers   Redirecting the Ordinary $1,200.00 
Sandy Gregg Crossings I   Turmoil $1,500.00 
Sandy Gregg Crossings II   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Sandy Gregg Entryway   Tranquility $1,500.00 
jo p griffith Route 56 in Limbo   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Meredith R. Grimsley Honeychild   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Meredith R. Grimsley Knit Together in that Secret Place   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Carol Anne Grotrian Silent Snow, The Creek Is Singing   Seasonal Palette $7,800.00 
Linda Syverson Guild Points of Entrée   Upcycle $2,000.00 
Linda Syverson Guild Precious Reserves   Connecting our Natural Worlds NFS 
Betty A. Hahn Insomnia   Dusk to Dawn $4,300.00 
Louise Hall Pardon Snowden   Textile Posters $1,800.00 
Martha C. Hall Chloros   Radical Elements $6,500.00 
Cherrie Hampton The Woman at the Well   H2Oh! NFS 
Gloria Hansen It`s Time   Layered Voices NFS 
Karen Hansen Delta Flight 4770 from Calgary   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Barbara A Hanson Dead Zone   Connecting our Natural Worlds $800.00 
Tim Harding Artifact #22   Layered & Stitched $4,800.00 
Michele Hardy Elements #12: Blue River   Textile Posters $4,000.00 
Michele Hardy Elements #13: Wildfire   Connecting our Natural Worlds $3,375.00 
Michele Hardy Mapforms #6   Metamorphosis $3,600.00 
Michele Hardy Surfaces #14   Dusk to Dawn $2,650.00 
Phillida Hargreaves From Coast to Coast   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Brooks Harris-Stevens Mending Gold: When Will it be Enough?   Guns: Loaded Conversations $15,000.00 
Barbara Oliver Hartman Out My Front Door   Upcycle $4,400.00 
Trisha Hassler The Irony Of It All Was Not Lost On Her   Radical Elements $2,400.00 
Sharon Havelka Sanguine   3D Expression NFS 
Patty Hawkins Enigma Of Forest Fires   Earth Stories $10,800.00 
Jim Hay 1953 Popcorn   Turmoil $3,500.00 
Jim Hay Hay Meets Röntgen   Radical Elements $4,800.00 
Jim Hay Motorcycopath   Dusk to Dawn $975.00 
Jim Hay REFUGE or REFUSE: offer sanctuary or discard as trash   Forced to Flee $1,700.00 
Jim Hay Turmoil In Hiding   Turmoil $3,000.00 
Jim Hay Wedding in the Wind   Abstract & Geometric $16,000.00 
Jenny Hearn Pele IV   Layered & Stitched $3,000.00 
Jenny Hearn Reflections of Summer   Seasonal Palette $8,000.00 
Ginnie Hebert Last Hope California   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Georgia B Heller Desde Mi Ventana   Connecting our Natural Worlds NFS 
Georgia Heller But It Is a Dry Heat   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Annie Helmericks-Louder Earth Stories: Tender Bellys   Earth Stories $8,500.00 
Annie Helmericks-Louder Golden Goose   Radical Elements $1,700.00 
Jean Herman African Farmers   Earth Stories $4,500.00 
Anne Hiemstra Je Suis ma Soeur   Textile Posters NFS 
Leah Higgins Happy today?   Layered Voices $3,600.00 
Jaynie Himsl Cottonwood Delta Blues   H2Oh! $4,000.00 
Trish Hodge Women`s March on Washington   Textile Posters NFS 
Christine Holden Magical Creatures   Connecting our Natural Worlds $4,000.00 
Judy Hooworth Creek Drawing #9   Abstract & Geometric NFS 
Ruby Horansky Pathways   Metamorphosis $1,800.00 
Stacy Hortner Habitat   3D Expression $3,200.00 
Susan A. Hotchkis Blown   Metaphors on Aging $1,900.00 
Susan Hotchkis Flourish   Concrete & Grassland NFS 
Susanna Hotchkiss Greenways, Blueways and Estuary Bays   Connecting our Natural Worlds $2,900.00 
Ming-Mei Huang Childhood Image   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Joan F. Hug-Valeriote Canadian Seasons   Season after Season $2,200.00 
Doris Hulse Force and Reflection   H2Oh! $750.00 
Sara Impey Blue-Sky Thinking   Abstract & Geometric NFS 
Sara Impey Chain Stitch   3D Expression NFS 
Michelle Jackson I am the Face of Rescue   Textile Posters $2,500.00 
Michelle Jackson The Silver Touch   Celebrating Silver $2,500.00 
Laura Jaszkowski Rift Valley   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Lisa Jenni Breath of Time   Metaphors on Aging $1,250.00 
Lisa Jenni Fifty Eight   Guns: Loaded Conversations $2,500.00 
Iva Jensen About Text Messages   Text Messages $1,200.00 
Ann Johnston North Is Up   Layered & Stitched $11,800.00 
Paula M Jolly Outfit No Longer Available   Upcycle $1,500.00 
Ivy Jensen and Rita Joseck Saturated Seasons   Season after Season $3,400.00 
Karen Jurek CU Around   Radical Elements $1,395.00 
Jean Renli Jurgenson Reflection - World Trade Center   Celebrating Silver $3,000.00 
Georgianne Kandler Carpe Diem   Text Messages $800.00 
Bella Kaplan Negev View 3   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Bella Kaplan Philodendron   Metamorphosis $1,200.00 
Bella Kaplan The Eagle falls   My Corner of the World $1,800.00 
Bella Kaplan The Mail Arrives Today   Text Messages $2,000.00 
Kathleen Kastles Growing, Going, Gone   Metaphors on Aging $6,000.00 
Kathleen Kastles Stand-Up Surfing, Dryland Version #2   Text Messages $3,000.00 
Kathleen Kastles Texting at the Food Court   My Corner of the World $4,000.00 
Donna June Katz Water Over Sky   H2Oh! $3,500.00 
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred American Portraits: Living on the Edge   Textile Posters $1,500.00 
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred A Separate Reality   Tranquility $2,500.00 
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred American Portraits: A Dying Breed   Upcycle $2,500.00 
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred American Portraits: Family Farm   Metamorphosis $1,500.00 
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred Childhood Taken: The Doffer Boys   Turmoil $2,000.00 
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred End of an Era   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred No Childhood Permitted   Text Messages $1,500.00 
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred On That Silver Knight   Celebrating Silver $2,000.00 
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred Shift Change   3D Expression $1,750.00 
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred Tagged   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred This Land Was My Land   Textile Posters $1,500.00 
Kathie Kerler Cold Fire   Radical Elements $990.00 
Jill Kerttula American Opportunity   Guns: Loaded Conversations $1,276.00 
Jill Kerttula Where the sidewalk ends   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Barbara D Kibbe Past as Prelude   Upcycle $1,200.00 
Lisa Kijak Bridge Motel   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Linda M Kim House Home Hive Habitat   Connecting our Natural Worlds $600.00 
Misik Kim The Story of My Life   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Judy F. Kirpich Conflict No. 1   Turmoil $2,000.00 
Sherry Davis Kleinman Barn Quilt Screen Style   Upcycle $1,200.00 
Sherry Davis Kleinman Far Rockaway Beach   People and Portraits $1,200.00 
Sherry Davis Kleinman Girl in Blue Stockings   People and Portraits $900.00 
Brigitte Kopp Babylon   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Brigitte Kopp Male? Female? (two parts)   3D Expression $1,600.00 
Paula Kovarik Stream of Consequences   Earth Stories $9,700.00 
Donna M. Krane The Night of the Moskg`mol (Spirit Bear)   Dusk to Dawn NFS 
Lynn Krawczyk Latte Landfill   Earth Stories $5,000.00 
Lynn Krawczyk Rusted Silver   Celebrating Silver $1,500.00 
Ellie Kreneck Silver Roses Fall on the Llano   Celebrating Silver $900.00 
Ellie Kreneck West Toward Home - Bright Spirit   My Corner of the World $800.00 
Pat Kroth Networth   Upcycle $2,200.00 
Pat Kroth Night Beat   Dusk to Dawn $2,500.00 
Pat Kroth Spring Green   Metamorphosis $2,700.00 
Pat Kroth Vital Spark   Season after Season $3,000.00 
Pat Kroth Wild Grasses   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Pat Kumicich Hmmm. . .   People and Portraits $5,500.00 
Pat Kumicich Should I ?   People and Portraits $4,500.00 
Liz Kuny Boiling Point   H2Oh! $1,300.00 
Yoshiko Kurihara A Winter Story   People and Portraits NFS 
Yoshiko Kurihara Dream   People and Portraits NFS 
Karol Kusmaul Filling Up   Redirecting the Ordinary $1,525.00 
Karol Kusmaul Great Grandma - a sergeant with cartwheels in her heart   Metaphors on Aging $1,380.00 
Karol Kusmaul MultiTasking   Text Messages $925.00 
Melisse Laing Match Sticks   Metamorphosis $3,000.00 
Linden Lancaster Bush stone-curlew   Connecting our Natural Worlds NFS 
Jennifer H Landau Imago   3D Expression $1,500.00 
Jennifer H. Landau Transition   Metamorphosis $1,300.00 
Jennifer Hammond Landau Root & Branch   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Paulette Landers Somewhere Between   Layered Voices $2,400.00 
Susan Lane Cityscape   Concrete & Grassland NFS 
Cat Larrea Shiprock   Textile Posters $3,600.00 
Carol A. Larson Defining Moments 7: Fleeing the City   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Carol Larson Keeping Up Appearances 4   Upcycle $2,000.00 
Carol Larson Torn Earth   Earth Stories $7,000.00 
Judith Larzelere Delicate Ambiguity   Seasonal Palette $6,500.00 
Judith Larzelere Translucency and Kaleidoscope   Abstract & Geometric $7,500.00 
Judith Larzelere Translucency and Lavender   Tranquility $2,500.00 
Gay Lasher First Moment   Abstract & Geometric $8,000.00 
Gay E. Lasher Ebb and Flow   H2Oh! $9,000.00 
Gay E. Lasher In the Hour of Stars   Dusk to Dawn $4,000.00 
Gay E. Lasher Last Rays   Radical Elements $4,000.00 
Roxanne H Lasky Migration: Precious Cargo   3D Expression $2,000.00 
Roxanne Lasky Migration. Souvenir.   Layered Voices $7,500.00 
Mary-Ellen Latino Travel Muse: Endurance   Textile Posters $1,800.00 
Mary-Ellen Latino Dance of Life: Tidal Pools   Metamorphosis $1,800.00 
Mary-Ellen Latino Nature's Dance-Spider and the Web!   Connecting our Natural Worlds $1,800.00 
Mary-Ellen Latino Travel Muse: Wanderlust   Textile Posters $1,800.00 
Sandra E. Lauterbach Amethyst Geode   Radical Elements $1,450.00 
Sandra E. Lauterbach From Generation to Generation   Forced to Flee NFS 
Sandra E. Lauterbach Wailing Wall of Krakow   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Joy Nebo Lavrencik MOGADISHU   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Michele Lea Tranquility the End   Tranquility NFS 
Viola Burley Leak Obama Quilt: Change, Exchange, and Vision   People and Portraits $15,000.00 
Michele C. Leavitt Carbon   Radical Elements $10,000.00 
Sheryl LeBlanc Across the Street from the Bittern Building   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Sheryl LeBlanc Ma and Pa Get Radicalized in Oregon   Guns: Loaded Conversations $1,500.00 
Eunhee Lee They are also us.   Forced to Flee NFS 
Susan W. Lee Yellow Haze of the Sun   Dusk to Dawn $1,800.00 
John Lefelhocz Light Waves   Layered & Stitched $9,800.00 
John Lefelhocz Of Irritability and Salinity   Layered Voices $10,600.00 
Nancy Lemke The New American Crucifix   Guns: Loaded Conversations $2,200.00 
Nancy Lemke El Nino, Weather`s Puppeteer   H2Oh! $1,955.00 
Nancy Lemke Only 8 1/2 of Many Millions   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Uta Lenk Everyone has the right   Forced to Flee $2,500.00 
Uta Lenk o(rounD)moon,   Text Messages $1,500.00 
Uta Lenk Play of Lines VIII   Abstract & Geometric $4,500.00 
Susan Lenz Cotton, Triangular Trade   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Susan Lenz Flood Clothesline   H2Oh! $1,000.00 
Susan Lenz Lift and Tuck   Metaphors on Aging $1,320.00 
Susan Lenz Promethium   Radical Elements $800.00 
Susan Lenz Ready, Aim, Fire!   Guns: Loaded Conversations $900.00 
Susan Lenz Saint Anastasia   3D Expression $2,500.00 
Susan Lenz Texting From the Grave   Text Messages $700.00 
Eleanor Levie ReUSe/REFuse   Textile Posters NFS 
Eleanor Levie Sanctuary City   3D Expression $1,245.00 
Andrea Limmer Diagnosis   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Hsin-Chen Lin Recovery   Seasonal Palette NFS 
Denise Linet Letters to Myself - Page 2   Layered Voices $2,800.00 
Cheryl Lipari Only Three (3)?   Connecting our Natural Worlds $2,800.00 
Aurelle Locke Ozymandias   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Viviana Lombrozo Beyond Words   Redirecting the Ordinary $2,400.00 
Jo Van Loo City Scape 1   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Kathleen Loomis Big Ice   Seasonal Palette NFS 
Kathleen Loomis Crazed 16: Suburban Dream   Abstract & Geometric $10,000.00 
Kathleen Loomis Crazed 20: Print on the Dotted Line   Text Messages $1,300.00 
Kathleen Loomis Tired and Poor   Forced to Flee $1,000.00 
Niraja C. Lorenz Strange Attractor #2 - Solstice: The Light Returns   Dusk to Dawn $2,800.00 
Niraja C. Lorenz Dark Night Sky   Dusk to Dawn $4,000.00 
Margot Lovinger Light Sleeper   People and Portraits $1,900.00 
Olga Prins Lukowski The Holy Grail   Layered & Stitched $1,500.00 
Kevan Lunney Archeology #24, A Time to Rest   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Karin Lusnak L`Attitude Bleue   H2Oh! $4,000.00 
Jenny Lyon Prairie Afternoon   My Corner of the World $2,500.00 
Linda MacDonald Clear Palisades   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Joanna Mack In the Clouds   Concrete & Grassland NFS 
Kate Madeloso A Vanishing Culture   My Corner of the World $8,500.00 
Michele Makinen America's Heartland   Guns: Loaded Conversations $5,000.00 
Michele Makinen Turmoil: Recovering From Trauma   Metamorphosis $2,000.00 
Patricia Malarcher Iconostasis   Layered & Stitched $8,000.00 
Patricia Malarcher Lunar Portal   Celebrating Silver $7,500.00 
Jeanne Marklin Marklin Nebula   Turmoil $1,200.00 
Melanie Marr Yield to Nature   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Judith E Martin Not To Know But To Go On   3D Expression $8,000.00 
Judith Martin Mended World   Abstract & Geometric NFS 
Valerie Maser-Flanagan Wood Grain #1   Metamorphosis $2,800.00 
Katie Pasquini Masopust Spring Equinox   Layered & Stitched $11,000.00 
Penny Mateer The Past as Road to Tomorrow   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Julie Poirier Mathur Lakshmi   Metamorphosis NFS 
Therese May Bridget Quilt   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Lesley Mayfield Summer Afternoon Tea Party   Redirecting the Ordinary $2,000.00 
Val Mayse Old Sink   Redirecting the Ordinary $2,400.00 
Carolyn Mazloomi Certain Restrictions Do Apply   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Buff McAllister Out of Africa: Primal Diaspora   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Jeanelle D. McCall Talking Threads   Season after Season NFS 
Jeanelle McCall Art is Confession   Textile Posters NFS 
Sherri Lipman McCauley Aging On   Metamorphosis $2,200.00 
Lea McComas Sweet Song From an Old Fiddle   Metaphors on Aging $1,500.00 
Lorie McCown The seven sisters and their ghosts   Upcycle $1,200.00 
Diane Melms Behold   Seasonal Palette $6,500.00 
Diane Melms Chromium   Radical Elements $3,000.00 
Diane Melms Made to Measure   Upcycle $0.00 
Diane Melms Summer Light Brigade   Connecting our Natural Worlds $1,500.00 
Alicia Merrett Habitats: species   Earth Stories $7,500.00 
Alicia Merrett River Flow   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Alicia Merrett The River of Life   Season after Season $6,000.00 
Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil The Madness of Men - La Folie des Hommes   Guns: Loaded Conversations $1,500.00 
Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil Diaspora   Forced to Flee NFS 
Sam Milford Day's Catch   Connecting our Natural Worlds $1,200.00 
Amanda Miller Regeneration (diptych)   Connecting our Natural Worlds $1,100.00 
Denise Oyama Miller Connecting Threads   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Denise Oyama Miller Grass Lake   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Denise Oyama Miller Shear Delight   Redirecting the Ordinary $2,500.00 
Dolores Miller Galaxy 6   Dusk to Dawn $1,000.00 
Dolores Miller Monument for Humanity   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Cathy Miranker Liberty Deconstructed/Reconstructed   Forced to Flee NFS 
Marie Mitchell Walking the Refugee Road: Forced to Flee   Forced to Flee NFS 
Orit Modiano The Burning Bush   Metamorphosis $4,000.00 
Susan M Mogan Coming Apart at the Seams: America 2019   Upcycle $950.00 
Susie M. Monday Milagros 2   Metaphors on Aging $1,800.00 
Susie Monday Big Bend Spring   Season after Season $1,800.00 
Melody Money Mama's Got the Blues   Season after Season $1,850.00 
Melody Money Moonlit Canyon   Dusk to Dawn $2,300.00 
Melody Money Sky Prayers - Memory of Sky   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Melody Money Sparrows in the Meadow   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Carol J. Moore Ice   Seasonal Palette $3,500.00 
Jeannie Moore In the Shadow of Third Avenue   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Jeannie P. Moore Mixed Media Journey   Season after Season $1,000.00 
Jeannie P. Moore Tasty Tomatoes   Seasonal Palette $2,400.00 
Jeannie Palmer Moore The Salt Flats   Radical Elements $900.00 
Lorna M. Morck Trees: Contemplation   Tranquility $1,000.00 
Hildegard Mueller Stumbling Blocks   Forced to Flee $1,000.00 
Alison Muir Wrecking the Reef   H2Oh! $3,500.00 
Judith Mundwiler In the End   Abstract & Geometric $3,400.00 
Madalene Murphy Fracked   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Aina Muze Language of Frost   Abstract & Geometric $6,850.00 
Fumiko Nakayama Annular Eclipse   Abstract & Geometric NFS 
Fumiko Nakayama Geometric   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Joan Nicholson Empty Chairs at Dinner Tables   Guns: Loaded Conversations NFS 
Kathy Nida I Was Not Wearing a Life Jacket   People and Portraits $5,000.00 
Kathy Nida Awakening the Crone   Celebrating Silver $3,600.00 
Kathy Nida Wise Choice   Earth Stories $9,000.00 
Elin Noble Hydrogen Jukebox   Radical Elements $1,500.00 
Bobbe Shapiro Nolan Flyover 6 Glacier   Connecting our Natural Worlds $3,000.00 
Bobbe Shapiro Nolan Oil Patch #1: Clutch Manifold   My Corner of the World $900.00 
Diane Nunez Cinque Terre   3D Expression $3,850.00 
Mary B. Pal JBW   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Mary B. Pal Musing   Metaphors on Aging $1,000.00 
Mary Pal Element of Surprise   Radical Elements $700.00 
Mary Pal Hope is the Thing with Feathers   Earth Stories $8,000.00 
Mary Pal Precious Time   Celebrating Silver $5,000.00 
Mary Pal Stogie   People and Portraits $1,200.00 
Mary Pal The Drifter   Layered & Stitched $1,600.00 
Mary Palmer Prayer   Forced to Flee NFS 
Claire Passmore 3 Wise Words   Textile Posters $2,900.00 
Claire Passmore Echoes of Demons   Turmoil $1,500.00 
Claire Passmore The Lucky Ones?   Forced to Flee $3,800.00 
Claire Passmore Where Do You Keep Yours?   Guns: Loaded Conversations $3,000.00 
Geri Patterson-Kutras Autumn   Seasonal Palette $9,000.00 
Geri Patterson-Kutras Room with a View 1   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Pat Pauly Iodine   Radical Elements $1,200.00 
Pat Pauly Nightscape in the City   Dusk to Dawn $2,100.00 
Lori Lupe Pelish Mother and Child   People and Portraits $5,000.00 
Lori Lupe Pelish We Were All There   People and Portraits $28,000.00 
Kathryn Pellman End Gun Violence   Guns: Loaded Conversations $1,000.00 
Mirjam Pet-Jacobs Light towers   Earth Stories $5,400.00 
Bonnie Peterson Tutsi Testimony   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Margaret Phillips No More Labels: A Plea for Civil Discourse   Textile Posters $1,500.00 
Pamela Pilcher 300 Bushels Per Acre   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Marika Pineda The King`s Wardrobe Was Here   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
The Pixeladies Fault Line   My Corner of the World $1,700.00 
Karen Ponischil Polyethylene Iris   Upcycle $500.00 
Patricia A. Powers Brainage   Metaphors on Aging $900.00 
Ruth A. Powers December Dawn   Seasonal Palette $6,200.00 
Heather Pregger Eastham Marsh: Summer Squall (Tuning Fork #52)   Season after Season $2,500.00 
Heather Pregger Rutile   Metamorphosis $2,000.00 
Heather Pregger VOLCANO!   Textile Posters $1,700.00 
Marilyn M. Prucka Upstream Downstream: River Raisin Dam Reclamation Project   Earth Stories NFS 
Elaine M. Quehl End of Days   Metaphors on Aging $1,000.00 
Shawn Quinlan This is Not the Time to Talk About Gun Control   Guns: Loaded Conversations $4,000.00 
Daren P. Redman Autumn, Brown County, Indiana   Seasonal Palette $3,400.00 
Daren P. Redman My Back Yard, Indiana   Season after Season $3,800.00 
Daren Pitts Redman Uranium 235   Radical Elements $900.00 
Daren Redman Elliptigo   Textile Posters $1,500.00 
Wen Redmond Flown   Tranquility $2,495.00 
Wen Redmond Lighter than Air   Radical Elements $1,222.00 
Wen Redmond The Machine   Celebrating Silver $2,795.00 
Toot Reid November 2, 2012-February 4, 2013   Abstract & Geometric $23,000.00 
Sue Reno Heat Lightning   Season after Season $5,200.00 
Sue Reno Squirrel and Locust   Metamorphosis $3,700.00 
Sue Reno The Organic Landscape   Seasonal Palette $5,200.00 
Martha E Ressler Cast Away Gems   Upcycle $1,500.00 
Martha E. Ressler Mother Serves the Turkey II   Turmoil $1,025.00 
Martha Ressler Body Count   Guns: Loaded Conversations $660.00 
Martha Ressler Evening in Steel Valley   My Corner of the World $800.00 
Suzanne Mouton Riggio Oxygen   Radical Elements $6,000.00 
Shoshi Rimer Blossom by the Lake   Tranquility $2,250.00 
Karen Rips Orphan   3D Expression $6,800.00 
Pamela Rocco Without Gun Control   Guns: Loaded Conversations NFS 
Lora Rocke One Last Look 1952   People and Portraits NFS 
Sara P. Rockinger In/Visible   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Sara P. Rockinger This Land   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Sara Rockinger Hairline Trigger: P is for Play   Guns: Loaded Conversations $1,850.00 
Judith Roderick My Tree of Life Quilt   My Corner of the World $2,000.00 
Connie Rohman The World's First Text Message (1844) - "What Hath God Wrought?"   Text Messages $480.00 
Bernie Rowell Rituals and Relics   Radical Elements $2,600.00 
Pam RuBert Curious Curium   Radical Elements NFS 
Pam RuBert St. Louis - Wish You Were Hair   People and Portraits $4,840.00 
Laura Ruiz Sustenance and Beauty   H2Oh! NFS 
Deborah Runnels Surveyed, Sold, Fenced   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Judith Rush Waking Up   Abstract & Geometric $30,000.00 
Laurie Russman Coffee at 35,000 Feet   Redirecting the Ordinary $900.00 
Mary C. Ruzich Above and Below   Turmoil $500.00 
Molly Samuels Blue Heron   My Corner of the World $1,900.00 
Arturo Alonzo Sandoval Cosmic Coins   Radical Elements $4,000.00 
Arturo Alonzo Sandoval Pattern Fusion No. 14-Motherboard No. 5   Layered & Stitched $20,000.00 
Dinah Sargeant Premonition   Layered Voices $9,000.00 
Jane Sassaman Divine Radiation   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Helena Scheffer Moon Dance   Dusk to Dawn $1,250.00 
Denyse Schmidt The Straight and Narrow #1   Abstract & Geometric NFS 
Barbara J Schneider Out of the Blue   Upcycle $1,200.00 
Barbara J. Schneider Generation 2500   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Barbara J. Schneider Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 13   My Corner of the World $3,600.00 
Barbara J. Schneider Reflections Venice, var.18   Seasonal Palette $4,500.00 
Barbara Schneider Pavement Patterns, Dancing Light, var. 4   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Barbara Schneider Reflections in a Canal, Venice, Triptych   H2Oh! $4,500.00 
Maya Schonenberger Armenian Diaspora   Forced to Flee $2,300.00 
Maya Schonenberger Displacement   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Barbara Schulman A Pepto Bismuth Story   Radical Elements $2,500.00 
Karen Schulz SPP 12   My Corner of the World $3,350.00 
Joan Schulze Past and Future   Celebrating Silver $8,000.00 
Joan Schulze Where Dreams are Born   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Alison Schwabe Purnululu #7   My Corner of the World $3,000.00 
Roxanne Schwartz Untied   Upcycle $2,400.00 
Lee F. Schwimmer In the Winter of Our Existence, Our Hearts Yearn for Spring   Season after Season $1,800.00 
Lee Fowler Schwimmer Unraveling the Second: An Existential Conversation   Guns: Loaded Conversations $324.00 
Christine Seager Chana`s Quilt   Forced to Flee NFS 
Judy Sebastian In The Beginning   Text Messages $850.00 
Karen Selk Tears for Tahlequah   Connecting our Natural Worlds $1,200.00 
Anne Severn Plenary Plains, Purposefully Plowed, Perfectly Planned   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Sara Sharp Birding on Quiet Hill   My Corner of the World $1,800.00 
Sara Sharp Fleeing From Drought   Forced to Flee $2,750.00 
Sara Sharp Summer Solstice   Dusk to Dawn $3,200.00 
Diane S. Sheckells Dusk to Dawn Indigo   Dusk to Dawn $475.00 
Jill Sheehan America's Religion   Guns: Loaded Conversations NFS 
Maria Shell Root Glacier   My Corner of the World $2,750.00 
Maria C. Shell Two-Five   Celebrating Silver $3,600.00 
Maria Shell Wall of Sound   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Susan Shie Head Trip: Ace of Paring Knives in the Kitchen Tarot   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Susan Shie Muddy Fork Farm: 3 of Wooden Spoons in the Kitchen Tarot   Earth Stories $15,525.00 
Susan Shie Tropical New York   Layered & Stitched $30,000.00 
Sandra Sider Potassium Powerhouse   Radical Elements $4,500.00 
Sandra Sider Swept Into Eternity   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Maria Simonsson Village in Summer   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Gail Sims The High-Line, New York City   My Corner of the World $2,200.00 
Carolyn I Skei Tulips in Moonlight   Upcycle $0.00 
Carolyn Skei Particularly American Horror   Guns: Loaded Conversations $1,500.00 
Diane Skidmore The Place We Cannot Breathe   H2Oh! NFS 
Arlé Sklar-Weinstein Spring: Born/Reborn   Seasonal Palette $11,500.00 
Brenda Gael Smith Seachange: Whale Tracks   Season after Season $2,950.00 
Brenda H Smith Soon the Summer Sun   Connecting our Natural Worlds $750.00 
Ginny Smith Birds   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Amanda Snavely Unveiled Existence   Metamorphosis $2,500.00 
Anne E Solomon What Choice do they have?   3D Expression $1,500.00 
Jennifer Solon Every Other Day ...   Guns: Loaded Conversations $800.00 
Joan Sowada Flight Zone   People and Portraits $2,500.00 
Joan Sowada Flow   People and Portraits $650.00 
Joan Sowada This Ongoing   Metamorphosis $950.00 
Kelly Spell Flower Hat Jelly   Connecting our Natural Worlds NFS 
Virginia Spiegel Boundary Waters 60 (Rock Time)   My Corner of the World $2,500.00 
Virginia Spiegel Boundary Waters 83   H2Oh! $2,500.00 
Virginia Spiegel Clover and a Bee   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Virginia Spiegel Shagbark 7   Metamorphosis $2,555.00 
Lois Sprague TMI too much information   Text Messages $600.00 
Jean M Sredl Coral Sea   Connecting our Natural Worlds $2,300.00 
Jean Sredl Suffer The Little Children   Guns: Loaded Conversations $1,100.00 
Elly van Steenbeek Precious memories   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Elena Stokes It Suddenly Dawned   Season after Season $5,000.00 
Elena Stokes Tranquil Marsh - Wild Iris   Seasonal Palette $5,000.00 
Maria Stoller Symbiosis II   3D Expression $6,000.00 
Linda Strowbridge New Chicago   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Paula J. Swett No Fixed Address   Forced to Flee $450.00 
Phyllis Tarrant A Quilt for My Old Age   Upcycle $0.00 
Tiziana Tateo Arsenic and Old Lace   Radical Elements $2,100.00 
Tiziana Tateo Flowers and Champagne Streams   Celebrating Silver $3,800.00 
Karin Tauber Life Jacket Graveyard of Lesvos   Forced to Flee NFS 
Daphne Taylor Quilt Drawing #9   Abstract & Geometric $10,000.00 
Jo Thomas Child Behind Barbed Wire   Forced to Flee NFS 
Daniela Tiger On the Path   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Catherine Timm Prairie Scape   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Judith Trager Ciel D'Argent   Celebrating Silver $9,500.00 
Gwyned Trefethen Adoration   Tranquility $2,450.00 
Gwyned Trefethen Deconstructed Sunrise #3   My Corner of the World $4,600.00 
K. Velis Turan 80 - 8th Avenue   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Ann Turley Forke Family Secrets   Redirecting the Ordinary $1,400.00 
Angie Tustison Red Abalone   Connecting our Natural Worlds $4,120.00 
Barbara L Tylka Fragmentation   Connecting our Natural Worlds $1,200.00 
Ulva Ugerup Angels of Wrath   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Ulva Ugerup Birthright of Woman: To Read What I Like   People and Portraits $550.00 
Ulva Ugerup The Nine Muses   People and Portraits $1,500.00 
Maggie Vanderweit Into the Light   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Maggie Vanderweit Jesse & Me   3D Expression NFS 
Maggie Vanderweit Old Bag   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Maggie Vanderweit Old Dog, New Tricks   Metaphors on Aging NFS 
Maggie Vanderweit Room at the Table   Metamorphosis NFS 
Maggie Vanderweit Shattered - The Labyrinth of Loss   Turmoil NFS 
Maggie Vanderweit Snowfall in Sunlight   My Corner of the World $0.00 
Maggie Vanderweit The Mystery of Thought   Metamorphosis NFS 
Mary Vaneecke Poisoning Flint   H2Oh! $500.00 
Mary Vaneecke (White) Silence is Violence   Guns: Loaded Conversations $1,400.00 
Mary Vaneecke Samarium 62: No Relation   Radical Elements $1,800.00 
Grietje van der Veen Love Letters to P   Text Messages $3,200.00 
Elisabeth J Vereycken Connecting our natural worlds   Connecting our Natural Worlds $750.00 
Carolyn Villars Snow in the Desert   Concrete & Grassland NFS 
Christine Vinh Forty Years After the Zero Years   Forced to Flee $450.00 
Carol J. Vinick Amnesty   Forced to Flee $1,050.00 
Ruth De Vos Not Even Solomon   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Christel De Vrij Dancing in the city   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Penny Mateer and Martha Wasik THIS Revolution Will Not Be Televised #13, Protest Series   Layered Voices NFS 
Laura Wasilowski Blue Book on Blue Chairs   Layered & Stitched $8,000.00 
Laura Wasilowski Blue Chair in the Library with a Candlestick   My Corner of the World $2,000.00 
Laura Wasilowski Blue Wing Chair   Radical Elements $3,500.00 
Laura Wasilowski Painting the Town #1   Upcycle $3,200.00 
Laura Wasilowski Waiting for Weezie   Metaphors on Aging $1,200.00 
Laura Wasilowski Young Forest #5   Seasonal Palette $7,000.00 
Barbara W. Watler Fishing   H2Oh! $3,000.00 
Barbara Watler Entanglements   Layered Voices $6,000.00 
Barbara Watler Red Bioluminescence   Layered Voices $8,000.00 
Carol Ann Waugh Springtime in the Rockies   Seasonal Palette $2,500.00 
Kathy Weaver Generated Topology   Abstract & Geometric $5,500.00 
Kathy Weaver #118 On the Island of Stability   Radical Elements $1,500.00 
Susan Wei Children Are Not Criminals   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Enid Weichselbaum Wondrous Love   Text Messages $2,500.00 
Marijke van Welzen There are snakes lurking in the grass   3D Expression NFS 
Cynthia Wenslow April 22nd - Lake County Series   Tranquility $1,250.00 
Diane E. Wespiser Wanted - A Home   Forced to Flee $650.00 
Sabi Westoby Page 27 - Exodus 1   Forced to Flee NFS 
Grace H. Wever Firestorm   Forced to Flee NFS 
Grace Harbin Wever Iridium - My Darkness to Light II   Radical Elements $2,200.00 
Nancy Whittington Autumn in the South   Seasonal Palette NFS 
Leni Levenson Wiener It's a shell of a problem   Earth Stories $5,500.00 
Leni Wiener Crosswalk   People and Portraits $850.00 
Leni Wiener Rush   People and Portraits NFS 
Isabelle Wiessler Gulf of Mexico - April 2010   H2Oh! $2,000.00 
Isabelle Wiessler Mare Dolorosso   Forced to Flee $1,800.00 
Shea Wilkinson Navigating a Broken World   Stories of Migration $0.00 
Susan K. Willen Autumn, California   Seasonal Palette $2,500.00 
Kent Williams Sine Me Up   Abstract & Geometric NFS 
Kent Williams Sine Me Up   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Mary Williams No Tall Trees   Concrete & Grassland NFS 
Libby Williamson Clan of Misfits   Upcycle $0.00 
Marianne R Williamson Hillside   Connecting our Natural Worlds $3,700.00 
Marianne R. Williamson Photosynthesis   Season after Season $4,500.00 
Marianne R. Williamson Rough Bark   Redirecting the Ordinary $2,500.00 
Marianne R. Williamson Sparkling Forest   Seasonal Palette $3,500.00 
Marianne Williamson Mountain Stream   H2Oh! $4,000.00 
Hope Wilmarth Constructions   Modern Inspirations $0.00 
Hope Wilmarth Gentlemen's Night Out   Redirecting the Ordinary $2,100.00 
Janet Windsor Resilience   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Marie Murphy Wolfe Little Houses in a Row, Where Did All the Poppies Go?   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Martha F. Wolfe Stockholm Winter   Seasonal Palette $4,500.00 
Martha Wolfe Sacramento River Chinook   H2Oh! $1,400.00 
Dianne Miller Wolman Islamic Courtyard   3D Expression $2,500.00 
Diane M. Wright Emu Camps   Forced to Flee $650.00 
Charlotte Yde Steen`s Quilt   Layered & Stitched $0.00 
Kathy York Crowded house   Earth Stories $7,200.00 
Kathy York Development   Concrete & Grassland $0.00 
Kathy York Seeking: A White Mitten in a Blizzard   Radical Elements $1,800.00 
Kathy York The Deep End   Tranquility $2,500.00 
Gay Young Ice Cube   Redirecting the Ordinary $1,700.00 
Roseline Young Passing the Torch to the Future   Celebrating Silver $6,000.00 
Sabrina Zarco One Pulse   Guns: Loaded Conversations $2,500.00 
Charlotte Ziebarth Messages In The Stones   Text Messages $1,500.00 
Charlotte Ziebarth Smoke and Ashes: Ruins #1   Layered Voices $4,000.00 
Charlotte Ziebarth The Color of Dreams   Celebrating Silver $4,000.00 
Marian Zielinski Beckoning of Night   Radical Elements $3,400.00