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Caveman Txts

Cave drawings have survived forever, although their original meanings may have been lost over time. Text messages, once deleted, are gone forever.  Whether a cave drawing or a modern day text, the actual meaning of the messages probably hasn't changed very much.

The rusted fabric gives the impression of having existed for a long time.  The simple marks and shapes that appear to be scratched into a rock-like surface are lino prints.  The text messages and figures are painted with freezer paper stencils.

The overlaid text message conversation and larger symbols are enhanced by trapunto padding.  The quilting further emphasizes the rough, aged rock surface.   

Lino printed images with textile paint. Freezer paper stencilled images and text with textile paint.
Trapunto padding. Freemotion quilting.   

24  x  38.5       

$ 450.00

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