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  Flyover 6 Glacier   •  Bobbe Shapiro Nolan view larger image

Flyover 6 Glacier

I have camped at the foot of a small glacier, dived into a glacial lake, sailed up to a glacier calving icebergs into the sea, and observed a glacier shrinking in the warming climate. Once I walked out onto a glacier. Large boulders, gravel, mounds of dirt, and debris littered the yellowish- brown ice; an ever-changing environment interacting with surrounding mountains. There were birds and an occasional mouse or squirrel. The glacier groaned sporadically as it moved. I remember most vividly the feeling of vast, ancient, inexorable power. Even a small glacier is a massive force, demanding respect. We can, and should, work to slow global warming, but these are great forces. The glaciers may disappear again, until a new ice age begins.

Photo by Rick Wells

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