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  Connecting Threads   •  Denise Oyama Miller view larger image

Connecting Threads

Connecting Threads tells my family’s migration story from Japan to America. The story starts with my grandparents Zengoro and Chiyo, who separately traveled to Hawaii, met, married and moved to Los Angeles. With the untimely loss of Zengoro, Chiyo raised her four children by running a family store. The family store and home were lost as a result of the World War II relocation. While the rest of his family was in a relocation camp in Arkansas, my father was sponsored by Quakers to work in Montana.

Postwar, his younger brother was drafted into the army and sent to Japan during the reconstruction period. My parents had to marry in Kentucky, because of miscegenation laws in the state where they lived. Both my father and my uncle completed graduate biochemistry degrees at George Washington University and subsequently worked for NASA. My father was a principle investigator for the Moon and Mars Missions.

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