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  Seeking: A White Mitten in a Blizzard   •  Kathy York view larger image

Seeking: A White Mitten in a Blizzard

Element: Technetium

Black felt, black screen, black cotton, ribbon, re-used plastic milk bottles, silicon baby bottle nipples, re-used bra straps, embroidery floss, fabric paint, LEDs, light switch and cover plate, insulated copper wires, resistors, capacitors, 555 timer circuit, shrink wrap, solder, Altoid box, Eileen’s glue, craft foam sheets, ethafoam, wooden slat, screws, metal hangers, AC adapter, thread.

Soldered electrical joints, shrink wrap, hand cut plastic circles, hand-sewn, drilled, stitched.

36 x 22 inches

$ 1,800.00

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