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  HOPE is the Thing with Feathers...   •  Diane Skidmore view larger image

HOPE is the Thing with Feathers...

 "'HOPE' is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul…." This first line of a poem by Emily Dickenson is not only a comforting companion, but also the origin of feather images that find their way into my work.

On a hot July evening, sitting on a cracked, black naugahyde sofa in a tattoo parlor on Belmont Avenue, I waited for the tattoo artist to "ink" the beautiful feather into my arm. Hundreds of vintage tattoo designs covered the walls: hearts, skulls, flames, eagles & flowers. Designs that carried enduring "text messages" – messages to validate, celebrate, & commemorate. The memory of that day and Emily's poem became inspiration for my tattoo "text message" of HOPE.

The powerful message of HOPE, rendered in fabric using traditional tattoo images and vibrant color, reminds us of the beautiful possibilities of life.   

Raw edge applique, free motion quilting, hand beading, embroidery & trapunto   

24  x  24, Photo Credit: JMC Photo & Digital Services – Bloomington, IL             

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