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  Text and Textures of Tuscany   •  Peggy Brown view larger image

Text and Textures of Tuscany

I don't text in the modern technological sense of the word - however I love text.  I love to read text, I love to write text, and at times I enjoy using text in my paintings and art quits as a design element.  The central image in "Text and Textures of Tuscany" is a digital transfer of one of my watercolor paintings inspired by the text/graffiti of Italy.  My photos of graffiti and tattered posters, which are found embellishing many Tuscan walls, complete the design.   

Digital Transfers from my original painting and photos transfered to silk. Transfers collaged to silk fabric and painted with transparent watercolor paint. Machine quilted.   

24  x  43   

$ 2,050.00

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