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  Threads   •  Naomi Adams view larger image


I am fascinated by the way that we constantly adapt to change and are continually reconfigured by our experiences and influences from the world around us. I am consumed with the process of creating, deconstructing, and then redefining a new composition to communicate the depth of our complex, multi-faceted lives and ever-evolving relationships. I am interested in exploring how constant change in our lives influences how we emotionally process emphasis, content, and context.

For this piece, I utilized visually deconstructed portions of text message threads to and from my siblings and friends, removed them from their context and overlaid them on an image of a cell tower. These threads of messages, made possible through constantly developing technologies, keep me grounded and connected in relationships even though we are several states apart.   

Hand dyeing, dyed shibori resist, discharge, soy wax resist, painting, machine quilting, knife-edge binding   

24  x  53   

$ 1,200.00

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