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  Listen to Your Mother   •  Jean Ray Laury (d.) view larger image

Listen to Your Mother

There are few twentieth-century artists who can match the breadth and depth of Laury’s influence. This California artist revitalized the field of quilt making and encouraged design originality. In her book Quilts & Coverlets: A Contemporary Approach (1970) she wrote, “If we can retain the structural integrity of the traditional quilt, and add to it a contemporary approach in color and design, we will achieve a quilt which merges past and present.” She defined in 1970 what would eventually be called the studio art quilt.

Laury understood and used the power of the comic strip format as a device that was accessible and understood at a glance. In Listen to Your Mother, she addresses the age-old challenge of parenting with her typical humor, capturing warnings of the “universal mother.”

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