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  Moody Blues   •  Beth and Trevor Reid view larger image

Moody Blues

Denim has graduated from the workwear of the 1950s to a present-day fashion statement. Examples of early denim appear in utilitarian quilts from rural and working-class communities. In the early 1990s, Australian quiltmakers created large bed and art quilts in recycled denim. Our son had a love of wearing baggy, fashionable jeans, and was reluctant to dispose of his favorite pairs as he outgrew them. There was so much useful material that they were stored away for later use. As it ages, denim becomes soft and velvety to the touch and the colors become subtle and muted. Moody Blues is true to its name, fading naturally from dark hued denim to almost white shades. The prominent grain is used to create movement and variation within the design. Discarded pieces of clothing have been reinvented as contemporary art.

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