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  Coming Apart at the Seams: America 2019   •  Susan M Mogan view larger image

Coming Apart at the Seams: America 2019

Red states vs. blue states; liberals vs. conservatives; Republicans vs. Democrats; urban vs. rural. Sometimes it seems our country is in the midst of a second civil war: a cultural war, with the battle lines determined by geography and political and religious beliefs. Civility and compromise were early casualties, and the divide seems to grow by the day.

Antique hand-paper-pieced patriotic quilt blocks from 1910 remind us of our history and heritage. Flag stripes reminiscent of old torn and bloody bandages reflect the wounds we're inflicting on each other and our democracy. The blue left and red right can be seen splitting off from the center, where a field of white crosses symbolize those who've given their lives for our nation. Tattered edges and fraying seams reflect the current state of our union. Can we can find a way to heal our divides before we come completely apart?

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