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  Bush stone-curlew   •  Linden Lancaster view larger image

Bush stone-curlew

Old-timers in our district recall hearing the eerie ‘weer- loo’ call of the Bush Stone-Curlew. Sadly, this event has become rare, as this species is now endangered. The Bush Stone-Curlew is a shy, ground-dwelling bird with large eyes and long, gangly legs, found across Australia in open woodland habitats. Whereas other birds fly away, it lies flat and still on the ground, hoping to blend in. Their chicks make an easy meal for introduced species such as foxes, dogs, and cats.

To aid this species’ survival, farmers in particular have been encouraged to protect remnant woodland and leave fallen timber. There is also a regeneration program that includes planting native species and trying to control feral animals.

Photo by Cameron Lancaster

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