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In 2015, over 600,000 refugees arrived from war torn countries like Syria, to the island of Lesvos, Greece. My husband went to Lesvos to provide technical support in the refugee camps.

As a diver and ex-lifeguard, he also spent time helping to land boats. He was horrified to find that many lifejackets didn`t have flotation material, and the boats often had inadequate fuel. He came home heartbroken for the thousands he had seen fleeing for their lives. He brought back lifejacket shells and pieces of raft material, asking me to make something. Prayer is made from lifejacket material to acknowledge the worldwide refugee crisis.

Prayer is a representation in kufic calligraphy of the Surah 112 from the Qur'an as seen on a mausoleum dating from 1361.

Photo by Christian Haubold, Bridgemount Photography

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