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  Orange/Red and Fugitive Blue VI   •  Brooke A. Atherton view larger image

Orange/Red and Fugitive Blue VI

Element: Molybdenum

Plastic, Lutradur, Tyvek, polyester fabric, toys, utensils, vintage Italian sunglasses, vintage acrylic yarn, printed food labels and wrapping, Mattel’s creepiest doll ever, matte medium, Gem-tac, polyester thread, cotton tent
canvas, cotton thread, linen thread, copper wire, watercolor pencils and Neocolor II, lipstick, fingernail polish.

Lutradur and Tyvek hand colored and sealed with matte medium, machine stitched to canvas backing, artifacts glued and hand stitched in place.

36 x 22 inches

$ 995.00

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