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  Oxygen   •  Suzanne Mouton Riggio view larger image


Element: Oxygen

Acrylic matte medium, artist’s canvas, beading wire, beads, brass foil, ceramic tiles, charcoal, colored pencils, computer paper, computer printed fabric, contact paper, copper foil, Day-glo, embossing metal, embroidery thread, eyelash yarn, fabric, feathers, ink, jewelry chain, jump rings, leather, Liquid Thread, Lutradur, mat board, Misty Fuse, Mod Podge, oil sticks, paint, paper fasteners, prismatic foil, quick ties, red oak veneer, Save-a-puzzle, Silamide, silk ravelings, sliver, Steam-a-Seam 2, Timtex, Ultrasuede.

Fused, sewn, painted, woodworking.

36 x 22 inches

$ 6,000.00

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