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Regula Affolter   • Oekingen Solothurn  CHMore Info
I am working currently on the series Missisbraini and Radiation. The peak of this series  is primary the workout of talking in forms, shapes, lines, geometrics and colours for different abstract possibilitys, about current, previous or historical social aspects from the human life and the ≻≻
Lisa Ellis  Giving Back Technology • Fairfax VA  USMore Info
I am an artist who specializes in making sacred and healing works. I serve the art quilt world by supporting a number of exhibits with leadership to give artists a voice and to make hospitals and other healing centers a more pleasing environment for patients and their families. I am the director ≻≻
Martha Sielman   • Amston CT  USMore Info
Looking for an exciting lecture about art quilts? I offer several lectures based on my best-selling books: “Abstracts & Geometrics,” "Masters: Art Quilts," "The Natural World," and "People and Portraits.”