Virtual Gallery - No Limits

SAQA's Global Exhibitions have been shown in a variety of physical venues with a wide range of space requirements that have impacted the size and type of work that could be shown. The virtual gallery on SAQA's new website will not be restricted by the requirements inherent in a brick-and-mortar venue, so any artwork may be shown that meets SAQA's definition of an art quilt.

There are no limits on the type of work that can be shown virtually. For example, work that is very large or very small (including an installation with a large footprint), contains complicated electronic components, cannot travel in a crate with other artwork, is too expensive to ship, or is otherwise not a good fit for a physical exhibit may be submitted for this exhibition, as well as more standard 2D and 3D work.

Once the new SAQA website goes live (exact date TBD), No Limits will be the first Virtual Gallery on display.


Selected Artists

Iina Alho - Lyset du treng finst / The light you need exists
Linda Fjeldsted Blust - Lulu, an African Grey Crowned Crane
Annette Boncek - To frack or not to frack
Maryte Collard - Leaves
Shannon Conley - Kirigami #1
Kacey Cowdery - Path of Life
Donna Deaver - Lay Me to Rest on the Hill by the Sea
Tamar Drucker - Is it Digital?
Andrea S. Finch - Magnolia Grandiflora III      
Judith Quinn Garnett - Amalgam
Jayne Bentley Gaskins - The Lowly Fire Hydrant
Julia Graber - The Ole Pete
Paula Gron - Humboltia
Wendy Hill - Configurations
Vera Holmgren - No title
Suzanne E. Munroe - Connected
Claire Passmore - Storm
The Pixeladies - Cyber InSecurity
Amanda Snavely - Just Add Color
Jean Sredl - All Things Precious
Andra Stanton - Fairy Rings
Marijke van Welzen - Serpent
Deborah Weir - Alcatraz 5
Joan Lee Wolfer - The Last Stitch


Thumbnail image - Artwork by: Annette Boncek - To frack or not to frack