Proposed critique process

by Kit Vincent

Purpose: To help each other work through problems associated with being creative and moving ahead with our work.

Basic assumptions:

Those of us seeking advice and information:

(See Guidelines for those seeking feedback below)

Those of us providing advice and information:

(See Guidelines for those providing feedback below)

Guidelines for those seeking feedback
Your work should be displayed to ensure that everyone in the group sees it clearly.

1. Begin by situating this piece for the group (two minutes maximum)

2. What aspects of this piece are you pleased with?
3. What aspects of this piece are you less pleased with?
4. What questions do you have for the group?
(Technical advice, design/composition/ color, ideas for next piece, entering it in a show?

Guidelines for those providing feedback

Group Process:
1. Someone in the group offers to walk through the guide (interview format) with the artist. This helps keep the subject on track and relieves the presenter of having to worry about covering all the points – someone else looks after this for them.
2. Prior to offering answers to the artist’s question, the interviewer asks the group if they have any points of clarification or additional questions for the artist. This is to ensure that everybody has understood the artist clearly. Questions such as:
“Could you tell us some more about what you meant when you said…?”
“Could you elaborate more on this point...?”
3. Someone else in the group watches the time. This is particularly important when there are several people seeking feedback in one short evening.
Specifically, the time watcher:
   a. Calls the beginning and the end of each session.
   b. Reminds the ‘interviewer’ of the elapsed time at predetermined intervals as necessary.
4. Maximum session length – 20 minutes
   a. Artist presentation – 5 minutes
   b. Questions of clarification – 3 minutes
   c. Feedback session – 12 minutes
5. Someone from the group takes notes on the salient points of the exchange. These hand-written notes are then given to the artist to take away at the end of the meeting.


Reprint permission granted by Kit Vincent. The process was developed by her critique group in Ontario, Canada, as a means to solidify the goals and methods for their critique sessions.