Learn To Analyze Your Own Work

by Kim Ritter

Looking at your own work can be scary at first, but learning to analyze your work is an important part of artistic growth. Joining a critique group can help you begin to see your own work in a new way. It is important that the group is supportive and encouraging without being saccharine and overly nice.

The best thing the group can do, to help the artist, is to begin asking questions about the work. Lead the artist to explore the work with a new eye. Help supply answers to questions about which the artist is unsure.

Begin by looking at the piece and asking the artist to answer some of the following questions:

Help the artist discuss each element of the work, discussing what works well and what needs improving. As the group begins to meet more often, begin to help the artists find the connections between their various works. Have each artist write an artist statement and read it aloud. Discuss areas of growth in terms of style and technique.