Jeanne Bieri


Artist Information for Jeanne Bieri

Throughout my life the women in my family have worked in textile. This began with my grandmother who held onto fabric with the idea that it could be mended. This philosophy coincided with my Great Aunt’s quilts; quilts I admired for their simplicity. As I was stretching canvas some years later, I realized I could use sewing to restructure form. I began to collect quilts and army blankets and was inspired to mend them, in that process their stories and mine became one. My works are deeply personal and in mending them their creators are honored. The layering of quilts with army blankets represents the duality of their purpose, that is both necessity and comfort. By hand stitching every piece I have found the process to be natural, even meditative. Influenced by Muslim Clerical garments, the chain stitch allows for a flexible workflow. This process caters to each fabric’s unique history. This practice grants the work an environment that encourages the audience to tap into their own memories.

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Red Echo

Red Echo78" x 52" x 8"   Photo by Paul Primeau

Mended wedding band quilt. 

Blue Peril

Blue Peril72" x 60" x8"   Photo by Paul Primeau

Army blanket with a chain stitch. 

Dark Matter Dress

Dark Matter Dress76" x 52" x 8"   Photo by Tim Thayer

The Dream

The Dream84" x 84"   Photo by Tim Thayer

Collar & Cowell

Collar & Cowell38" x 40"   Photo by Paul Primeau